Former 'Patch' Food, Arts Writer Pens Three Short Stories

Christopher Reilly is one of six authors in a new book called "Acoustic Reads," which is a collection of short stories by a new publishing company.

Christopher Reilly, a former Patch food and arts writer, has released three short stories in a new book called Acoustic Reads.

The book, published by newly formed Blacklight Publications, is a compilation of work from six authors. The company formed Blacklight in response to the changing paradigm of publishing, where more and more writers are turning to self-publishing and print-on-demand services.

The company consists of two co-founders and four partners who are writers, including Reilly. Blacklight will soon begin publishing novels by each of the writers, the first three of which will publish at the rate of one each month through January 2013.

The authors involved in Blacklight have known each other for many years as writers.

“I was familiar with everyone's work, but we've never met,” Reilly said in a news release. “We all have completely different styles of writing that makes for an intriguing mix of humor, drama, pathos and raw, edge-of-your-seat tension.”

The book is currently available for purchase on the company's website and on Amazon.


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