Library Links: F Is for Fat

Library resources relating to a previous Patch article.

The following article was submitted by Chris Durr of the Kirkwood Public Library. 

Did you read Patch’s article “F as in Fat” on the obesity track that Missouri and Missourians seem to be taking? At the end of the article, there is a summary of the report’s recommendations.

Well Kirkwood Public Library is here to help too! Now, we all know carrying books up and down stairs is a good source of physical activity, but here at library links, we want to share some of the resources we have that can help keep you fit and active. 

Zumba Workout DVDs

Yeah, you are going to look a little silly.  You will be dancing and sweating in front of your TV.  That’s FINE.  Accept it, own it.  Dance to it!

Yoga Breakdown DVDs

This one promises to introduce a yoga workout that is unlike any other.  I suspect it is very similar to other workouts, but that is a good thing!  It means it will work. 

Other Instructional DVDs

Find them here!  If something is out and you want it, put it on request and we will get it to you soon!

Trail Guides

Okay, no one is going to blame you when you didn’t want to go hiking during a 30 day 100 degree heat wave.  But now what is your excuse?

Eat to Live

A book for people with weight health concerns who want to engage on an aggressive plan to lose weight quickly. 

Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook

This is more of an everyday diet cookbook.  It looks at your diet from an evolutionary standpoint and says, ‘hey, why would we eat in a way we are not designed to eat.’

Finally, if you are generally a little lost as to what is healthy and what is not, try our database - Consumer Health Complete.  Search by typing in a topic or browse the health topics available.  It’s a great way to verify the information that you hear with research based reports.   


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