Local Man Wins $76K Jackpot in Missouri Lottery

A St. Louis Metro Transit driver who lives in the 63122 zip code says he plans to share the wealth with his younger siblings after he pays off his house and upgrades his vehicle.

The following article was submitted by the Missouri Lottery.

A.L. Robinson of St. Louis (63122) is about to make his monthly mortgage payment disappear, thanks to matching all five numbers in the Missouri Lottery’s Show Me Cash drawing on Aug. 14. Robinson used his own numbers to capture the $76,000 jackpot.

“One (number) was from my date of birth, and one was my grandmother’s date of birth,” Robinson explained. “One was for my sister’s age. The others were random.”

The St. Louis Metro Transit driver had just finished his shift for the night, when he returned home and remembered he had a few Show Me Cash tickets in his pocket.  

“I was just a little overwhelmed,” he recalled, joking that he had to check the numbers “two, maybe three, more times,” just to be sure.

Robinson intends to use the windfall to pay off his house and upgrade his vehicle.

As for whatever is left, he plans to share the wealth with his younger siblings to “try and help them out.”

When asked for advice for fellow Lottery players, he noted that he believes it’s “luck of the draw,” and being in the “right place at the right time.”

Show Me Cash offers a rolling jackpot starting at $50,000, which increases by at least $5,000 at each drawing. Robinson purchased his winning Show Me Cash ticket at Xpress Mart, 305 De Baliviere Ave., in St. Louis

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