The Force Is With Kirkwood

Star Wars resources at the Kirkwood Public Library.

Many of you many have heard that the Lucas Arts (famous for the Star Wars franchise) was purchased by Disney. The probably leads to the immediate question: WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE JEDIS? 

The library can’t answer that question for you. What we can do is tell you what HAS happened to the Jedis in the past (perhaps even a long time ago in a galaxy far far away). Check out these Star Wars related books, movies, video games and music that we have to offer.  Don’t worry, there is no Ewok Christmas special and none of these links are a trap.  

Novelization of the Original Trilogy

Animated Clone Wars Series

The Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Lego Star Wars Book for children

Lego Star Wars video games (and other Lego video games)

The Force Unleashed video game

John Williams and Star Wars

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface. I encourage you to search our catalog for more Star Wars! 

Want More?  Find more book lists at our blog. Or check the Library’s website and Facebook page to learn more about Your Kirkwood Public Library. 

Chris Durr is the Teen and Technology Coordinator at the Kirkwood Public Library.  Although he is not himself the biggest Star Wars nerd on earth, he happens to have married her. In fact, in this article you will find a picture of his daughter dressed up as Yoda.  He is currently reading Fables: Inherit the Wind.


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