Art World Takes Notice of Kirkwood 'Gender Bender'

This weekend is the last chance to check out Sara Swaty Roger's exhibit, "Gender Bender."

Aisle 1 Gallery in St. Louis is celebrating Pride Weekend with a solo exhibit from Kirkwood photographer , an artist who is receiving attention for examining the role of gender in society. 

The exhibit, "Gender Bender" is an ongoing social photographic documentary in which Roger explores the different perceptions of gender and how they relate to sexuality. More about the exhibit can be found Sara Swaty Roger - Gender Bender Facebook.

Roger explains her fascination with her subject on the event page:

The idea of Gender and the roles, responsibilities, and expectations associated with it has fascinated me for years. Mainstream culture and society impact how we as a people view gender. Where we live and how we are raised dictates our own perceptions of gender, and what is “normal” or “weird, “right” or “wrong.”

. Since then, the Kirkwood photographer has made a mark for herself as an artist on the rise.

Earlier this year, Roger won first place in Digital Pro's fifth annual Emerging Pro Photo Competition in the category of fine art

Viewing hours for "Gender Bender" are Friday 6-8 p.m. and Saturday 12-4 p.m., at Aisle 1 Gallery, 2627 Cherokee Street, St. Louis. Roger will hold an artist talk at 2 p.m. on Saturday. The talk will be posted to YouTube the following Saturday on the Aisle 1 Gallery YouTube page.

What's Next for Roger

Roger is excited to take "Gender Bender" to New York City and Los Angeles. The Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City has offered Roger a solo show. 


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