Like Higher State Spending? Thank GOP Lawmakers

If you are a fan of the state spending more of your money, be sure and thank your state lawmakers for a job well done when you spot them out on the campaign trail this summer.

If you are a fan of the state spending more of your money, be sure and thank your state lawmakers for a job well done when you spot them out on the campaign trail this summer.

If Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, would have gotten his way, spending would be going down this fiscal year, which started on July 1.

Following several amendments, the governor's budget proposal would have cut year-over-year spending by around 1 percent this fiscal year.

Republican lawmakers, who overwhelmingly control the Missouri General Assembly, not only restored the proposed cuts, they added funding.

Therefore, the state will likely increase spending this fiscal year by 3.4 percent to $24.1 billion -- an increase of $801.6 million compared to what was appropriated last year by state lawmakers.

Nixon did veto $240,000 in funding appropriated by lawmakers, citing legal technicalities in three of the items. He also restricted $15 million, fearing overly-ambitious gaming revenue assumptions. 

Even though the governor promised to release the funds if revenue collections come in higher than anticipated, Republicans cried foul, accusing the Democrat of playing politics in an election year.

While both parties should get credit for increasing spending, Nixon is one of only three governors -- two Democracts and one Republican -- in the last 30 years to reduce spending year-over-year.

Overall, spending has increased 468 percent from $3.9 billion in 1981 to $22.2 billion in 2011.

Expenditures for fiscal 2012 are still being calculated and are expected to be released in August.

Thanks to higher appropriations by Republicans, expenditures are likely to increase again this year.

By Brian R. Hookbrhook@missourijournal.com, (314) 482-7944

Hook is editor of Missouri Journal, which tracks the economy across the Show-Me State

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Sonny Pondrom July 13, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Calling each other names in this blog will produce nothing worth while. Let's use respectable language and see if we can agree on a solution to this recession.
Devon Seddon July 13, 2012 at 11:13 PM
I have a friend that inherited a farm, if he sells the farm this year, his capital gains tax is around 21%, if he sells it next year it's 35%. Why does the government need, think they deserve, or even have the right, to apply an absurd increase like that? Because they spend too much? Because they are unnaccountable? So they can get farther into our lives? So they can force us to buy products like insurance & alternative energies (where they spent our money anyway, when we already learned in the 70's they didn't work) Because they refuse to create a budget? Because they don't have to tell us what they do with it? Because they can better decide what to do with it? Why? They don't deserve another dollar until they can manage the money they have & stop spreading themselves too thin. I don't have the space to explain to you the effects of the Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, back & forth battle that's been going on for decades but needless to say, it's a little more complicated than how you seem to see it. I suggest actually looking at some of the numbers of those eras, instead of listening to what you're hearing. Here's where you start, the Fair Housing Regulatory Act. You'll find you'll know a little more when you're done. And that a lot of what you've been led to believe is wrong. It isn't your fault, 98% Liberal media, that's why you are misinformed. Wait, I thought the wealthy got all the benefits from the CURRENT tax-plan? You're embarrassing yourself, do some research.
Sonny Pondrom July 14, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Devon says, "Here's where you start, the Fair Housing Regulatory Act." Can you itemize the parts that you find objectionable? And submit a sub-paragraph on why.
William Braudis July 14, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Devon, " You went with the Party Line...." This is the most intelligent statement appearing under this subject. Now lets see what stupidity these self destruction democrats can come up with. I can not believe that these young democrats can not understand what obama is setting up. If he and the democrats win in November, the United States Government will be converted to a dictatorship within the first four years and the SECOND REVOLUTIONARY WAR WILL BEGIN. Does anyone believe that the United States Military will stand behind obama ?
Sonny Pondrom July 14, 2012 at 03:35 PM
William asks: "Does anyone believe that the United States Military will stand behind obama ?" Yes. I would say more, but your not a listener anyway. Dictator? I saw how Obama bent over backwards to compromise with the House during his first two years in office. Then when the Tea Party folks (influenced by big money) showed up, he saw the error of trying to talk with them. Which brings me back to you and my starting comment. Start speaking sensible, like Devon, and have a nice day.


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