Charter: Customers Talk Service

"Patch" rounds up comments from Charter customers on the company's services and the quality of the customer service offered.

After we heard about , a new customer satisfaction initiative the company launched, we hit our social media outlets to find out what real Charter customers in the St. Louis and St. Charles County areas think about the company and its services.

UMatter2Charter Helps

St. Louis County resident Lucas Jackson, who uses Charter’s cable and internet services, said he hasn’t had the best experiences with Charter’s customer service people, but that the new UMatter2Charter program has helped.

“I have learned if you do the customer service thought their website (chat) or by complaining on social media such as twitter or FB it makes things a lot easier,” Jackson said in a Facebook post.” “I almost always use social media to contact them now.”

He said that the social media channels seem to be run by people who “actually work for the company and are not outsourced like many customer service operations seem to be these days.”

“You tell them the issue, they contact you to find out what the issue is, research it and contact you with results,” he added. “So you don't feel like you're wasting a lot of time.”

Unhappy, But No Alternatives

Aimee Aaron said she has had Charter internet, phone and cable services for a few years, and that she’s very dissatisfied.

“Their customer service is awful,” she said. “You can call three different times and ask the same question and you will get three different answers.”

She added that many of the techs sent to her home didn’t seem to have the necessary training to install or repair services and that when she moved, it took more than a month to get the services transferred to her new address.

“When they finally did, we found that our signal in our house was awful due to the tech rushing and not testing what he was installing,” Aaron said. “For the most part, they are rude, inconsiderate, and over priced but in my area they are all I have at the moment.”

Aaron said she made several complaints to the Better Business Bureau and was able to resolve some of her concerns, but that Charter’s “answer to fixing things was to offer free service for a month, without actually fixing anything.”

Uninformed Service Techs

Charter customer Shelly Sanders said the has Charter’s internet services and hasn’t had any problems with customer service, other than an occasional inability to understand her requests.

“I explain things to them when they should be explaining it to me,’ Sanders said. “When the technician comes out, he says they don’t tell you everything, just what they want you to know.”

Slow Service, High Prices, Frequent Outages

Lynn Hollis, a former Charter customer, said in a post on the St. Louis Patch Facebook page that she prefers AT&T Uverse. She had Charter services for three years before she switched, she said.

Her problems with the company included slow service, high prices, frequent outages and not as many channels available.

“With UVerse, I got so much more for less,” she said.

Better Customer Service and Response Times

Jason Rosen, another Charter customer who lives in the St. Louis County area, said that he’s happy to hear about the company’s new plan.

“They have really upped the customer service and response times,” Rosen said. “I just dealt with them a few times and had nothing but good things happen with them.”

Be sure to check out our Storify on this subject, where we've shared tweets and Facebook posts, as well as blog posts and news stories, on Charter's customer service.

If you're a Charter customer, how has your experience been? Do you think Charter's new initiative will improve customer experiences?


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