Feedback Friday: White Castle Coming to Ellisville

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Burger sliders. Chicken rings. Crinkle fries. Chocolate shakes.

White Castle is on its way to Ellisville.

As Patch previously reported, the fast-food joint is replacing a former Long John Silver's location on Manchester Road. After details are finalized with Ellisville's Architectural Review Board, construction on the new White Castle will take about three months, according to Mayor Adam Paul.

Take a look at what you and your fellow Patch readers have been saying about the business coming to town!



Adam Quincy Paul: "Unfortunately, Manchester is a MoDot road and the light stays put for now. Fortunately, the developer of White Castle gave us an easement and a nice (legal) crossover through the lot to utilize the traffic light, too. There is a lot of talk of a median from Clarkson and Manchester all the way to the (best buy) light. If this happens, this light access is huge and allows the residents to make a left turn and right turn if need be. If it doesn’t happen, the good news is you can still use the conventional exit during slow times turning both ways without waiting for a light to change. Use the light when you risk death pulling out into weekend traffic. I know it sounds confusing so call me and I will explain further if need be."

Bill Park: "Thank you, Mr. Mayor - Left turns onto Manchester can be dicey, but Oak Hill is not much different than anywhere else up and down Manchester. The center lane helps, of course, so I hope they don't put in a median. I'd hate to HAVE to use the light."

Suzanne Gundlach: "The timing on that light has been funky for a couple years. Noticed it most when we were Best Buy customers needing to make a left (westbound) onto Manchester. Maybe that can be looked at by MoDot in preparation for White Castle opening, and in anticipation of the upcoming development."


Cristine McNear Metts: "I can understand the memories thing. My dad brought them home once when they first opened up on Manchester near 270, but none of s liked them. Obviously we all had a different idea of what burgers should taste like being raised on a farm :)"

Suzanne Gundlach: "Its the only fast food I truly crave. My dad used to bring them home in the middle of the night after working 2nd shift when we were kids. Original no-cheese Castles, with the pickle. Love the pickle!"

What do you think? Are White Castles your crave, or does something else take the cake...er, burger? Have you had issues pulling out onto Manchester near Oak Hill? Tell us in the Comments. 

JoanLauterbach October 26, 2012 at 01:20 PM
Yeah!!!! Been going to White Castle since I was but a wee little girl,,,on Fri nights we would pick up my mom from working night shift(off at midnight)and go to White Castle,,,sometimes we would then head out for Ellington, Missouri where my grandparents lived,,,oh, the good ol' days. Also remember when we could get them for 5cents and remember when we could get a burger, fries and a coke for 25cents.
JoanLauterbach October 26, 2012 at 01:23 PM
...once I took my granddaughter and grandson to White Castle for their first time, our grandson was about 4 or 5...he made a comment, "I don't like White Castle", I laughed and said, "Shhhh, all these other people do". His reply, "I like White Castle, I just don't like their food",,,,Actually what he did not like were the 'onions' on the burgers :)
Bryanna Hampton October 26, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Thanks for sharing, Joan! I preferred the chicken rings as a kiddo, but the burgers have become almost a staple at our family Super Bowl gathering.


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