Kaldi's and Pi Flavor New Sodas

Fitz’s Coffee Cola is made using all natural pure cane sugar and Kaldi’s brewed espresso coffee.

has partnered with two local businesses to create two new Premium soda products: Fitz’s Coffee Cola made exclusively with and Fitz’s Ginger Beer made in partnership with .

Fitz’s Coffee Cola was developed in close collaboration over the past year, and was introduced to rave reviews at a recent St. Louis Caffeine Crawl. A team from Pi met with Fitz’s over the same period, ‘to nail’ a flavor profile best described as a 'spicy ginger beer.’  

 is a craft-soda microbrewery and restaurant located in the historic Delmar Loop in University City. In addition to its famous Root Beer, Fitz’s produces and bottles other premium sodas including old-fashioned Cream Soda, Orange Pop, Grape Pop, and the newly introduced Black Cherry Soda.

Fitz’s only uses all natural pure cane sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup, to sweeten all of its traditional soda varieties. Diet versions of Root Beer and Cream Soda are also available.

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“I’m thrilled to partner with Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company and Pi Pizzeria," said Michael Alter, owner and president of Fitz’s. "Fitz’s has a long history in the St. Louis community dating back to 1947 when Fitz’s Root Beer was first introduced. The opportunity to work with these well-known local companies that have the same strong ties to the community and commitment to quality speaks to the possibilities of these kinds of collaborations. I couldn’t be happier. This is truly a harmony of brands.” 

Josh Ferguson, co-owner of Kaldi’s, added, "We've had a friendship with Michael for several years and always wanted to work with each other to create a refreshing carbonated coffee beverage. We enjoy working with local quality focused brands that are wanting to try something a little outside the box."

Fitz’s Coffee Cola is made using all natural pure cane sugar and Kaldi’s brewed espresso coffee. See . 

"The coffee in the cola balances the sweetness," Ferguson said. "It is definitely present in the aroma, but rather subtle in the taste and when combined with carbonation, it is very a refreshing drink especially over ice." 

Pi was looking for a ginger ale with a kick…gutsy enough to cut through the acidity of its tomato sauces without the cloying sweetness of a typical ginger ale.

"Pi was thrilled and delighted by the opportunity to work with such an iconic St. Louis brand, as well as the dedicated and passionate team led by Michael Alter," Frank R. Uible III, co-founder of Pi said. "We were also looking for the opportunity to introduce a proprietary mixer at the bar for drinks like a shandy, a Dark ‘N’ Stormy, or a Moscow Mule. The results don’t disappoint!"

Both new sodas will be available at Fitz's in the Loop.  

Fitz’s Coffee Cola is available at the Kaldi's in , , , Kayak's near and Kaldi’s in Columbia.

Fitz's Ginger Beer is available at Pi locations in the Delmar Loop, the Downtown-Mercantile Exchange, the CWE, , Chesterfield and Pi Washington, D.C. 

Customers can purchase single bottles to drink in the cafes and restaurants, or purchase the sodas ‘to go.’



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