Kirkwood Seeds Are the New Apples of Back-to-School Gifts

Seeds of Happiness released a special back-to-school keepsake that is flying out of the business' Kirkwood factory.

Mark Borella believes every kid and teacher should start their school year off with a smile, and if there's one thing Borella knows how to do, it's how to get people to smile.

The owner wasn't planning on releasing a back-to-school product, but he thought he'd throw an apple seed creation in the Kirkwood factory kiln for kicks.

"I did a test and when they came out of the kiln, I decided to make a few more, then bam, we started getting orders from all over the country," Borella said.

The Kirkwood sculptor and smile-giver is now making his second round of apple seed keepsakes. 

Borella is going to release more speciality seeds to coordinate with the holidays: pumpkin seeds, snowmen and Santas. He also plans to create different sunflower seeds around Easter that will only be available at the .

While the Seeds of Happiness apple seed is a little more expensive than a regular apple (they cost $5 a piece), they are sure to never spoil. 

Learn more about Seeds of Happiness:


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