Why Guns in Public and Hijacked by Parking Tickets

Patch users seek responses to city issues with online chatter. Follow up at each Patch website for election comments.

Our readers were interested enough in a variety of topics this week to post their comments. Topics range from the St. Louis County assessors' race to bike safety on the roads.

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"That is really creepy. Some people are just being nice, and in a perfect world, we would probably trust people. But we have to be careful, and we do have to protect our kids. Better to be safe than sorry."
— Helena Hewlett, Hazelwood Patch, on

"I see it every day and I say a prayer for that young man. It is a daily reminder of how life can change in a second."
— LW, Wildwood-Eureka Patch, on

"We all love Father Joe. And we love Fathers Jim, Eugene and Ron too!"
— Maureen Avenevoli, O'Fallon Patch, on

"Children should not be graded on their ability to achieve perfect pitch as an 8-year-old nor should they be graded on their ability to copy famous works of art. Boo to the way they teach these classes these days."
— Patty Baratta
, St. Peter's Patch, on

"Another example of do-gooders in government pushing an agenda without a plan."
— Marshell Foss, Wentzville Patch, on

"I was puzzled when I moved to Missouri and saw a 'No Concealed Firearms' sign on the door of my daughter's pre-school. Could someone please explain why there is a need for a non-law enforcement officer to carry a gun into a public place? To fend off bears, or a band of wild outlaws? "
— Josh, Maplewood-Brentwood Patch, on

"I think parents need to think about the individual child and take it from there."
— Melissa Short, St. Charles Patch, on

"I believe wholeheartedly that a vibrant urban core is key to our regional health but the city's parking ticket revenue machine cannibalizes the business environment downtown where many are hanging on by a thread. They pick your pocket."
— Tim Renaud, Chesterfield Patch, on

"'No Parking' areas should be clearly marked, but the concept of driving into the city and it not being a hassle or expense is off base. The real answer here is to have mass transit that is more accessible."
—Tom, Chesterfield Patch, on

"This should not be an elected position. Since this is now an elected position and we can't do anything about that at the moment, the voters have to make the best choice."
— Maggie Stanley Majors, University City Patch, on

"I am not a fan of politicians using this position as a stepping stone to the county executive seat."
— 3 Ward Rogue, University City Patch, on

"Mollie Greider (the driver) is lucky to be alive. It is sad when depression leads to suicide and even more tragic when committing suicide  puts others at risk."
— John Greider, Creve Coeur Patch, on

"The 'occasional good idea' of Tullock referred to in this article about publishing city expenses is already done. It called an Alderman Agenda Packet. You can see a copy of everything alderman get before a meeting and it's on the city's website, including who is on the accounts payable."
— Manchester resident
, Town and Country-Manchester Patch, on

"Nice story about school technology. It is interesting to see how teaching and learning are evolving in this digital era!"
— Beth Cross, Lindbergh community relations director, Sunset Hills-Crestwood Patch, on


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