Big Brothers Big Sisters Celebrates Graduation With Its Littles

One Little Sister was lucky enough to throw the first pitch at a recent St. Louis Cardinals game.

Before the big leaguers took the field at the July 10 St. Louis Cardinals game, a different set of all-stars was honored at Busch Stadium.

Nearly 50 Little Brothers and Sisters were recognized at the annual graduation ceremony held by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri (BBBS). To celebrate the achievements of the accomplished group of Littles, BBBS Staff and Bigs presented the graduating Littles with awards and certificates before enjoying the celebratory lunch.

One graduating Little Sister stood out in particular. Shelley, an 18-year-old Little who had been matched with her Big Sister Angela for more than 11 years, got quite a unique honor following the graduation ceremony. In celebration and recognition for being part of the longest matched team in the graduating class, Shelley threw out the first pitch at the Cards game as Angela cheered her on! No post-pitch interview was necessary as anyone could see the smile on her face that spread from ear to ear.

Among the most proud speakers at graduation was Becky James-Hatter, president and CEO of BBBS of Eastern Missouri. “Graduating is such a milestone event and a tremendous accomplishment,” she said, acknowledging the impact of achieving that goal. “What children learn when they are young determines what they will become when they are adults.” 

Big Brothers Big Sisters’ carefully built relationships are powerful and have a lasting impact on children. With more than 1,000 children waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister, there’s never been a better time than now to get involved.

For more information on how to become a Big Brother or Big Sister, or to get your company or organization involved, call Vivian Gibson or Jeremy Lieb at 314-361-5900 today! Also, be sure to visit Big Brothers Big Sisters on the web at www.BBBSEMO.org.


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