Deb Lavender Will Be a Healthy Dose of Change in Government

Kirkwood resident endorses Deb Lavender, the Democratic candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives 90th District.


Several years ago I became active in local politics to help make Kirkwood indoor public places smoke-free. We sought support from “the powers that be,” but ONLY ONE elected official or candidate would help us: Deb Lavender. She knew that children’s health and saving lives was our priority. Deb walked Kirkwood streets with us, talked to voters, and helped assure business owners they would continue to thrive with a no-smoking law in place.

Since that 2009 vote overwhelmingly in favor of a smoke-free Kirkwood, I've learned more about Deb and her sensible positions on state and local issues.  Deb also opened my eyes to the sad fact that our state legislators take thousands of dollars in personal gifts from lobbyists. I learned that our state has one of the worst reputations for sloppy ethical standards for our legislators. 

It surprised me to learn that Deb is a fiscal conservative. Yep, she’s willing to cut government spending and she’s not at all afraid to identify waste even if doing so steps on toes. I’ve seen how she pinches pennies in her personal life and how she runs a successful physical therapy business all the while being environmentally green and genuinely concerned with improving her patients’ health. (And she mended my aching shoulder!)

Lastly, I happily report that Deb endorses Prop B which raises the cost of cigarettes and puts those extra revenues into our schools and into smoking prevention programs. So that brings me back around to why I got interested in politics in our town: I want more sensible governing that will save lives and protect our children’s health. And I want people to represent us without having their hands out for freebies.

Let’s do something healthy and change the status quo. Deb is my pick for state representative.

--Mary Murphy-Overmann

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Lisa Jennings November 02, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Deb Lavender is a big gvmt Democrat & leftist just like Obama & McCaskill. The Democrat party of 2012 is a party of socialists. Deb Lavender wants to perpetuate socialism, big gvmt & the nanny state because the electorate is just not smart enough to take care of itself. Need revenue? Let's raise taxes & by doing so, take more money out of our pockets. This is no way to stimulate a depressed economy & the same old, tired idea Obama is proposing. Are you a smoker? If so, Deb wants to punish you by by not only raising taxes on cigarettes but also spending that money AS SHE SEES FIT. Did a little digging & found this. In 2008 Deb Lavender was questioned by the L.W.V. 1 of the questions she was asked: What plans do you have to address your top three priorities? Answer: Having business & corporations adopt a school Expanding research for algie (sic) to become a source of renewable energy. Turning ALGAE into renewable energy is one of her top three priorities? Really? It's no coincidence that these renewable energy companies are not only huge Obama donors but also received stimulus money as did McCaskill. Talk about "freebies." We all know how Solyndra turned out. Sensible governing means less governing. We won't get that from Deb Lavender, McCaskill or Obama. They're not moderates, they're radical, left-wing extremists with no new ideas. This country is headed in the wrong direction. The clear choice on Nov. 6 is Rick Stream.
Jenny Reinwart November 03, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Deb Lavender seems like a sincere and kind woman, which makes her campaign’s disconnect with factual accuracy all the more disappointing. I have been dismayed by the negative tone of Deb Lavender’s campaign, and even more so by her playing fast and loose with the truth. Her campaign makes numerous claims about Rick Stream that are factually untrue, as well as bizarre assertions that make no sense. For example, Deb blames Rick for the primary that did not count back in February, but the Missouri House twice voted to move the primary, but Governor Nixon vetoed the bill. Her key attack in the campaign is over contraception, and her claims against Rick are not backed up by facts. Her campaign attacks Rick for living 1,000 feet outside the district, when she herself does not live in the 90th district. Her other attacks are also not supported by the record. For instance, Rick Stream helped to pass ethics reform (SB 844), improving the ethics laws in the state. Rick has always supported seniors and helped pass SB 711 which tackled property tax increases in order to protect those on fixed incomes. We deserve better than hyperbole and false attacks.


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