How to Blog on Kirkwood Patch

With our new platform, all it takes is one click to share what you're passionate about with readers.

If you ever thought about starting a blog, Kirkwood Patch is the place to do it.

Our blogging platform is the fastest around. All you have to do is visit our Blogging Page and hit "Write a Post." (Note: You must have a Patch account before your first post. Sign up here for a free account.)

After you pen your first post, your blog will be approved automatically and appear in our Local Voices Section. Chances are it also will be featured on the Kirkwood Patch homepage and in our daily newsletter. 

Who Should Blog?

The short answer: everyone. Whether you realize or not, you're an expert in the issues that matter to you. By sharing your opinion, experiences and insights on Kirkwood Patch, you'll not only build followers, but you'll help turn our publication into the best community resource it can be, one that reflects all the voices in our community, starting with yours. 


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