OPINION: MoDOT Not Doing Enough to Address Potholes

The following is a letter to the editor from resident Julius Krisanic about MoDOT's plan to fix potholes throughout St. Louis.

Sorry, MoDOT is not going far enough.

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In Germany, they repair potholes permanently and seal them properly in 24 hours, and they reimburse drivers for damage to your auto including front end alignment, tire replacement, towing, etc. The thought process is that as citizens we pay taxes to maintain roads, and should not pay for repairs that are not our problem. The current system is like being taxed twice. We already pay license tax, fuel tax, sales tax, and I do not know what else. Then, we get hit by repair bills and aggravation for a problem that we already paid for.

The potholes in Germany are also replaced by professional maintenance workers that take pride in what they do in lieu of just dumping some hot or cold asphalt in a hole and driving away. The repair is also smooth and you hardly notice the repair. It is in fact a very good and permanent solution. MoDOT should go over there and maybe YouTube a repair video. Just a suggestion.

Kirkwood Patch would like to thank Julius Krisanic for submitting the above Letter to the Editor. Please send Letters to the Editor to owen.skoler@patch.com.


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