OPINION: Take Back Kirkwood Government This Election Day

The following is a letter to the editor from resident Ron Glazer that encourages residents to vote Tuesday.

We The People,

The struggle between preservation of our neighborhoods and historic buildings vs. allowing business ventures for city tax revenue is a persistent problem in Kirkwood.

Many residents did not want a larger Mobil adjacent to their neighborhoods nor tax payer dollars to be used to level downtown buildings in favor of more parking.

Mayor McDonnell has taken a strong position in favor of these pro-business decisions, while Candidate Godi questions these rush to judgements. Residents of Kirkwood are cognizant that these decisions are not easy ones to make. Yet compromise which favors business is not always the best answer.

There comes a point in time where you have to decide which is the wisest path to follow for the betterment of the people who live here. At some point, residents who relentlessly participated in the governmental process, only to be voted against by a majority of the City Council and chastised by the Mayor are left feeling disenfranchised by their City. Some residents have expressed a desire to move onto other communities where they hope they have a voice that can be heard. This would further decay and erode the fiber of our neighborhoods we so love.

These elections this Tuesday in Kirkwood offer citizens a real opportunity to take back their government and be heard. Whatever your position, please remember to vote!

Kirkwood Patch would like to thank Ron Glazer for submitting the above Letter to the Editor. Please send Letters to the Editor to owen.skoler@patch.com.


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