Stream and Akin: Any Difference?

A letter to the editor from a past member of the St. Louis Community College Board of Trustees.

To the Editor:

On October 25, police in Belleville arrested a student for bringing a gun on campus of Southwestern Illinois College. Rick Stream voted to allow concealed weapons to be brought on college campuses in the state of Missouri. At the time, I was chair of the board of trustees for St. Louis Community College.

When I learned the Missouri House had passed that measure, I called every college president in our state. They collectively lobbied the state senate; the measure was stopped.

Stream endorsed Todd Akin. He voted against women having health care choices. He voted against teachers’ tenure, as well as stripping teachers of their seniority.

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial pointed out Steve Tilley former speaker of the house gave campaign contributions to Stream, who turned around and paid Tilley’s political consulting firm, Strategic Capital Consulting fees for various advice or services.

Stream’s positions are exactly the same as Todd Akin’s. It is time for a change.  Deb Lavender’s small business experience, her fiscal conservative philosophy, her health care background provides a sensible approach to those issues effecting men and women.

--Bob Nelson, Past Chair of the St. Louis Community College Board of Trustees

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Charles Hinderliter November 03, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Rick Stream has been endorsed by the Missouri School Administrators, Missouri State Teachers Association, and the Missouri National Education Association. He was also named 2012 Distinguished Legislator by the Missouri Community College Association. If education is important to you then Rick Stream should be your choice on November 6th.
Jenny Reinwart November 03, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Deb Lavender seems like a sincere and kind woman, which makes her campaign’s disconnect with factual accuracy all the more disappointing. I have been dismayed by the negative tone of Deb Lavender’s campaign, and even more so by her playing fast and loose with the truth. Her campaign makes numerous claims about Rick Stream that are factually untrue, as well as bizarre assertions that make no sense. For example, Deb blames Rick for the primary that did not count back in February, but the Missouri House twice voted to move the primary, but Governor Nixon vetoed the bill. Her key attack in the campaign is over contraception, and her claims against Rick are not backed up by facts. Her campaign attacks Rick for living 1,000 feet outside the district, when she herself does not live in the 90th district. Her other attacks are also not supported by the record. For instance, Rick Stream helped to pass ethics reform (SB 844), improving the ethics laws in the state. Rick has always supported seniors and helped pass SB 711 which tackled property tax increases in order to protect those on fixed incomes. We deserve better than hyperbole and false attacks.


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