Two Is Better Than One: Kirkwood and Webster Groves Will Each Have Their Own Patch

Starting Aug. 3, Kirkwood-Webster Groves Patch will split to become Kirkwood Patch and Webster Groves Patch.

On Aug. 3, Kirkwood-Webster Groves Patch will split to become Kirkwood Patch and Webster Groves Patch. Kirkwood Patch will also serve Des Peres, Glendale and Oakland, while Webster Groves Patch will add Rock Hill and Warson Woods to its coverage area.


First, Kirkwood and Webster Groves are unique, dynamic communities and big newsmakers. With devoted school districts and police and fire services, thriving business districts and nationally recognized colleges, each community deserves its own Patch to reflect the people, places and issues that give these cities their unique identities.

Second, residents of Des Peres, Oakland, Glendale, Rock Hill and Warson Woods closely identify with Kirkwood and Webster Groves, and we feel it would be a disservice not to cover them. Splitting Kirkwood-Webster Groves Patch will allow us the ability to dig deeper into these communities.


  • Starting Aug. 3 you can find Kirkwood Patch at kirkwood.patch.com and Webster Groves Patch at webstergroves.patch.com.
  • The Kirkwood-Webster Groves Facebook page will be renamed to Kirkwood Patch and Webster Groves Patch will gets its own page.
  • The same goes for the Kirkwood-Webster Groves Twitter; separate accounts for each Patch. 

Who's who?

I will take charge as the local editor of Kirkwood Patch whiler, will step into the position as the local editor of Webster Groves Patch.

Sheri is a seasoned journalist with exceptional skills as a reporter, editor and manager. I know she’s eager to dig into covering Webster Groves and delivering our Webster Groves, Rock Hill and Warson Woods readers a news website that reflects their exceptional communities. I also know you will welcome her into the community as you have welcomed me.

Please contact me with any questions about this change. I want your feedback on how we can make both Patches the most helpful resources for members of the community. You can call or text message me at 314-210-6152 or email me at owen.skoler@patch.com.

The bottom line

This is a big change, and one that we’ve given considerable thought to based on input from residents since we launched Kirkwood-Webster Groves Patch in December.

Each Patch should reflect the communities it serves, and I truly feel splitting Kirkwood-Webster Groves Patch will bring our readers a site that helps us best accomplish this.  

Tanya Nolbert Craft July 26, 2011 at 08:21 PM
I think Warson Woods would fit better for the Kirkwood patch since it is Kirkwood schools.
Owen Skoler July 26, 2011 at 10:31 PM
Thanks for your input, Tanya! This was the logic on Warson Woods. Warson Woods students go to one Kirkwood School District (KSD) elementary school, Tillman, and two Webster Groves School District (WGSD) elementary schools, Hudson and Steger's Computer School. They go to one KSD middle school, North Kirkwood but also go to Steger Sixth Grade Center and Hixson Junior High, which are included in the WGSD. Then for high school, students go to either Kirkwood High or Webster Groves High. So, we figured that because technically more Warson Woods students go to more WGSD schools than KSD schools, Warson Woods would fit better in Webster Groves Patch. Thoughts? I'd really like your input on whether that was a good criteria for deciding the status of Warson Woods. When I contacted Warson Woods officials, I was told that a compelling argument could be made for the city to go in either one of the Patches. I REALLY want to hear from readers about Warson Woods.
Cindi Ferrell July 27, 2011 at 11:23 AM
Glendale also has WGHS students, I'm suprised it matters to anyone how they are split up. Just read both sites! Thanks for recognizing us as too separate communities, we have a long standing friendly rivalry and can easily provide enough news for two Patch sites. You guys do a great job, looking forward to the new setup!
John Hoffmann July 28, 2011 at 05:32 AM
Three-quarters of Warsion Woods is in the Webster Groves School District. Only the section west of Woodlawn is located in the Kirkwood School District. Keeping cities in their primary school districts makes sense. Most of Warson Woods is in WGSD and most, but not all of Glendale is in the KSD.


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