Welcome to Kirkwood Patch

Kirkwood-Webster Groves Patch has split to form two Patches.

It's official. Kirkwood-Webster Groves Patch is no longer. The site split to form Kirkwood Patch and Webster Groves Patch Wednesday morning.

Readers seeking information on Webster Groves should visit Webster Groves Patch. The new site also will serve Rock Hill and Warson Woods, while Kirkwood Patch will serve Des Peres, Glendale and Oakland.

Read why Kirkwood-Webster Groves Patch split .

I, , am very excited to be the editor of Kirkwood Patch. I moved to Kirkwood last October. It didn't take long for me to realize how lucky I was to end up living in and covering Kirkwood.

The small business community here is one of the strongest I've come across; the city's homes and history are inspiring; the value placed on education is reassuring; and the quality of city services is exceptional.

I'm very eager to dig deeper into covering Kirkwood, and I'm excited to extend our coverage to Des Peres, Oakland and Glendale. Thank you for your readership and please keep sending news tips and feedback. I look forward to serving you.


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