White House Wants to Know: What Makes Kirkwood a Great Place to Visit?

Americans are telling the White House why people should visit their hometowns. No one from Kirkwood has chimed in, until now.

The White House is calling on Americans to share what makes their hometown a great place to visit via Twitter. Kirkwood has yet to garner a shout-out. We want to rectify that. I'll start, first with a story, then with a tweet.

My Recent Visitors

I recently hosted three visitors who had never been to Kirkwood: my mom, step-dad and sister, all from Washington, D.C.

The first day my family was here, we strolled around Downtown Kirkwood. Highlights included and the . My mom and sister were very excited to see a fair-trade store, and we all enjoyed browsing the creations from around the world. My step-dad is a history buff and loved the displays in the train station. We also stopped in and had a wonderful conversation about loose leash walking with the owner.

Another Kirkwood highlight of the trip was a family dinner to . My sister is a strict vegan, and the wait staff was incredibly gracious in answering all of her questions about the menu. My only regret is that my family visited when the was closed. If I was entertaining younger visitors, I would have taken them to the

What I said to the White House

@WhiteHouse historic downtown has unbeatable boutiques, dining, market and more #VisitUs #Kirkwood @KirkwoodCity http://yfrog.com/hw4i0dj

Your Turn

Tell the White House why people should visit by tweeting to @WhiteHouse with the hashtag #VisitUs and by uploading a picture of our great city. And be sure to follow us on Twitter.


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