Chesterfield Police Make Preparations for Black Friday Rush

The department started planning for the surge of shoppers over the summer.

As deal-hunters prepare for tactical Black Friday strikes, the Chesterfield Police Department is also making preparations for the surge of shoppers.

KMOV spoke with Chesterfield Police Department Capt. Steve Lewis, who said the department started making preparations for the shopping holiday over the summer. 

The plan is to have an increased police presence at Chesterfield Mall and at the big box stores, such as Walmlart and Target, that are hosting big Black Friday events, according to the KMOV report. 

The extra hours, however, shouldn't equal an extra bill for taxpayers, as the police department adjusted schedules and days off in anticipation of the increase. 

Earlier this year, the Chesterfield City Council approved an ordinance allowing businesses that wish to open beyond their normal operating hours to apply for a special Black Friday permit. The goal was to avoid the situation last year where several businesses were cited for violating ordinances that limit when they can be open. 

Lewis told KMOV that the move will help free up law enforcement from having to worry about ticketing businesses. 

With so many officers out on the street, there will be many that will have to miss out on the holiday festivities. As you gather with your family this Thanksgiving, Chesterfield Patch asks that you be thankful for the efforts of law enforcement, retail workers and others that work hard through the holidays. 


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