Driving After Drinking: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Law enforcers say people who get behind the wheel after drinking never think they will lose control of that vehicle, but statistics indicate otherwise. Here's a safer alternative.

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month.

Locally, to help celebrate the holiday period between Christmas and New Year's safely, there are a number of transportation companies through which rides can be set up ahead of time.

Some suggest the following backup plan if you don't have a designated driver after drinking at parties: Write the name and phone number of a cab company, along with your address onto a paper or the back of a business card that you can stick in your wallet or shirt pocket. Hand this information to a bartender before you've had too many, so that he or she can call a cab for you when the party is ready to shut down for the night.

Companies Available for Transportation Assistance:

Scooter Guy:  314-255-1800

St. Louis Designated Driver:  314-330-6598

St. Louis County Cab/Yellow Cab:  314-993-TAXI (8294)

Laclede Cab Company:  314-652-TAXI (8294) or 314-652-3456

ABC Checker Cab:  314-725-2111

Need More Information about Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Driving? Try These Additional Resources:


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