Kirkwood Police Play Key Role in Nabbing Accused Money Counterfeiters

The arrests of two adults at the Kirkwood Walmart triggered an investigation that unearthed a counterfeiting operation and led to a federal indictment.

When Kirkwood police got a call about a couple trying to pass counterfeit money at the Kirkwood Walmart, officers didn't know their actions would lead to a federal indictment.

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Last Monday, at 6:51 p.m., Walmart employees notified police of two adults attempting to pass counterfeit money. Officers arrived and arrested two adults in possession of counterfeit currency, police say.

Officers later located printing equipment and paper the suspects used to make the counterfeit money at the home of one of the suspects.

The United State Secret Service assisted with the investigation.

On Oct. 23, a grand jury with United States District Court of Eastern Missouri indicted Daniel Flynn, 36 years of age, and Misty Root, 37 years of age, both from Imperial, Missouri, on one count of counterfeiting, specifically making 24 counterfeit bills of US Currency.

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