Pellet Gun Likely Weapon in Kirkwood School Bus Incident

A Kirkwood High School student faces disciplinary action after reportedly carrying what is believed to be an airsoft pellet gun on a Kirkwood School District bus.

An incident involving a student carrying a weapon on a school bus likely involved an airsoft pellet gun.

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The gun has not been recovered. The description of the weapon comes from eyewitness accounts from students on the bus, according to Ginger Cayce, public information officer for the .

The incident occurred Aug. 30. In a letter to KHS parents Aug. 31, Principal Mike Havener said the student is facing disciplinary action.

The District has not released details about the student's punishment or other details of the incident as officials continue an investigation.

According to District policy, possessing a weapon is a Level 5 offense. Consequences of Level 5 offenses are out-of-school suspension for 10 days and a possible recommendation for up to 180-day suspension and/or expulsion. All Level 5 offenses may be subject to legal prosecution.



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