POLICE: 11 Year Old Flees Driver in Red Pickup

A man tried to coax a girl to his vehicle on North Sappington Road at Nancy Carol Lane Wednesday afternoon in Glendale.

The following information was provided by the Glendale Police Department. 

At approximately 3:06 p.m. Wednesday, the Glendale Police Department received a report from an 11 year old female who she was approached by an unknown male driving a red pickup truck who asked her to come to his vehicle.

The girl reported she was walking home on North Sappington Road at Nancy Carol Lane when a red Chevrolet pickup truck, occupied by a white male in his forties, pulled up to the intersection, rolled down the passenger window and said, “Hey, come here.” When she replied, “No," the male responded, “It’s okay.” She ran to a home in the 900 block of Nancy Carol Lane where she was able to call 9-1-1. The truck then left the area in an unknown direction. The young girl was visibly shaken, but is safe and sound. She has been returned to her home by police.

The young girl described the vehicle as a 1996-2000 “fire engine red” Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. She described the driver as a white male in his forties with brown hair and no facial hair.

The young girl stated the man never opened the vehicle door, nor did he make any attempt to abduct her.

It is unknown what the driver’s intentions were at the time he asked the girl to come to his vehicle.

Glendale Police Chief Jeffrey Beaton applauded the young girl for doing exactly what she should have done in this instance by running away, going to a safe place, alerting an adult and calling 9-1-1.

Chief Beaton added that since the driver’s intentions are not known and that no attempted abduction took place, the department is investigating this as a suspicious incident. Glendale Police would like to speak to the driver of the vehicle if he will come forward.


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