Prosecutor Still Considering Charges Against 'Serial Hugger'

The man approached women in grocery stores, pretended to know them and asked for hugs. Authorities say there have been 32 incidents reported, including some Kirkwood and Des Peres.

A St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney official said charges against the “Serial Hugger” still are being considered.

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A Des Peres detective heard up to 32 complaints from women who had unsolicited hugs from a man in communities including , Des Peres, Kirkwood, , Fairview Heights, Wood River, Warson Woods and Wentzville, according to a Riverfront Times article. The man typically approaches women in grocery stores.

Des Peres Detective Marshall Broughton told the Riverfront Times, “It's all the same, all generic. 'Remember me from down the street, I was in the white house on the corner, we had the lab.' These victims are just embarrassed they don't remember him. They play along."

The 44-year-old man, whose identity has not been released, kissed one woman in Warson Woods on the mouth, according to .

If the prosecuting attorney's office continues with the case, charges could include third-degree assault in the kissing incident.


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