Sobriety Checkpoints Focus of St. Louis County Police in July

Be advised: Officers trained especially to evaluate drivers for those under the influence of drugs or alcohol will apply increased diligence throughout St. Louis County this month.

St. Louis County Police Highway Safety Unit and Division of Patrol officers will conduct an increased number of sobriety checkpoints throughout July, announced St. Louis County Police Officer and spokesperson Rick Eckhard this week.

"Removing intoxicated drivers from our roadways is a high priority for the St. Louis County Police," stated County Police Chief Tim Fitch in the announcement. "The use of checkpoints has been proven to be an effective method to accomplish this goal."

Officers participating in this enforcement had additional training in recognizing motorists who have had too much to drink, or are under the influence of illegal drugs, said Eckhard.

Officers also will issue citations for seat belt and other violations, he said.


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