College Fight Video Goes Viral; Sparks Racism, Concerns

Bystander footage of a brawl on the STLCC-Meramec campus on Monday has netted more than 18,000 page views on a video hosting website and has triggered comments by concerned readers.

The accompanying video of the brawl that broke out on the St. Louis Community College at Meramec campus has gone viral and it has elicited some disturbing comments on a video hosting site.

More than 18,000 people have viewed the video that is hosted on eBaum's World, and more than 2,000 people have recommended the link on Facebook. The number of page views on eBaum's world is increasing by the minute.

The video was originally hosted on YouTube, but then pulled for violating the website's terms of service. Among YouTube's terms of use service is a prohibition on "graphic or gratuitous violence.... If your video shows someone being physically hurt, attacked, or humiliated, don't post it."

(Note: A short time later, the video was reposted on YouTube and age-restricted.)

Patch editors made the judgment that the news value of the video warranted running it, with appropriate adjustments in the video's volume because of the profanity involved.

Three students were arrested after the fight on charges of assault and their cases were referred to Kirkwood Municipal Court. Five students directly involved in the fight have been expelled and two student sustained minor injuries from the altercation. 

(Editor's Note: The accompanying video is the same full-length version of the fight that's on eBaum's World, however it has been edited to reduce the volume, which contains profanities.)

Top comments on eBaum's World include racial slurs and hate speech against African-Americans and include very explicit language. "The comments left on the original video site are very scary," a reader says on Kirkwood Patch Facebook.

Closer to Home

On local news websites, reports of the incident have triggered concerns that a toddler was involved in the fray and raised questions about campus security and the response of police to the incident. A commenter on Fox2now.com who says she's the mother of a student at the campus says:

I want to know what Meramec is going to do to make sure students are safe inside and out on that campus...it took WAY TOO LONG for people in charge to get there. All it would have took was for one gun to be pulled and this would have been a much more tragic news story. Lets not make this a racial issue—its a morality and safety issue.

Although the accompanying bystander video shows police on the scene within 90 seconds, Delancey Smith, director of communications for STLCC, told Kirkwood Patch the college believes police were on the scene much earlier. A statement released by the college Thursday says police were on the scene "within seconds."

A commenter on The Montage website says:

Seriously, a woman put her baby at risk to join in the fight, and the people fighting had no regard for her or her baby.

Another commenter on The Montage article says:

Looks to me like more than three people were involved in the fighting. Wonder why only three were arrested?

The accompanying raw footage shows more than three people fighting. Campus police had not filed an official incident report as of Thursday afternoon.

And then there are concerns that the fight is typical of the college campus. A commenter on Kirkwood Patch Facebook says:

The video of the fight is nauseating. I hate that it's becoming like that there.

A Kirkwood Patch user commented on that reported the expulsion of five students directly involved with the fight.

That's Meramec? I remember when Meramec was considered the safe and respectable community college to attend. No wonder they built a community college in Wildwood.

Your Turn

With all the online buzz surrounding this video, we would like to hear what you think about the incident. Chime in by leaving a comment.

(Editor's Note: Kirkwood Patch will moderate comments to ensure that they do not include profanities or slander.)

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KD April 13, 2012 at 08:30 PM
I went to Meramec for two years, as recently as 2009, and it was a great campus then. Not once was I ever concerned about my safety or the safety of those around me, so I was shocked and appalled to see this happening there now. What is going on over there? And, as another commentor said, how did it take so long to get authority figures in there? And moreover, why were those figures professors and not campus security? Security needs to come out of their hidey hole on the far end of campus and be patrolling and earning their pay.
R Glenn April 14, 2012 at 04:28 PM
They call this a "Race thing" only one race in the fight. A sad day at Meramec, went there in the 70"s during a war never had fights of any kind, oh well
Race Banyon April 14, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Gotta love how she "puts down the kid" a 4 year old AT BEST, to stand there while mommy gets her licks in! SERIOUSLY! If that was Madison, I'd be plowing through people to get her the FLIP out of there and into a building for THE CHILD’S safety! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! When she was done, you can hear her fear as she screams where is my child? MAYBE your moronic butt shouldn't have set her down in the first PLACE! Perfect chance for a pedophile to snatch that kid up and go! YOU NEVER PUT YOUR CHILDS IN HARMS WAY, NEVER! If you gotta take an beating to get the child to safety, then you take the beating and thank god the kid is safe! THE CHILD AWLAYS COMES FIRST! ALWAYS!
Keisha shelton April 15, 2012 at 04:08 AM
I could see could be related to race. Officers stand around and allow the brawl of black people only! Ws portrays it a violent brawl, no weapons involved. Racist comments are being made against the ppl involved. Meramec and kirkwood pd keep their faces in tact! What the hell are they being paid for. Again who cares where or why the fight happened. Who took action to break it up, make sure the child was safe? Who being hold accountable besides the ppl involved? Why are sites like such continuing to spread such trash of news around??!!??!!


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