Kirkwood High Student Caught Riding Bus With Weapon

The student is facing disciplinary action after the administration was tipped off by an anonymous phone call.

A student at is facing disciplinary action after an investigation confirmed the student was carrying a weapon on a school bus.

Kirkwood High School Principal Mike Havener informed KHS parents of the incident Friday in an email. The email did not name the type of weapon.

An anonymous phone call placed Friday to the school's administration tipped off officials that a student riding a bus Thursday afternoon was carrying a weapon.

The phone call triggered a joint investigation by school officials and police which confirmed that the student did have a weapon on the bus, according to the email. All parents of students who ride the bus have been notified.

The student involved in the incident is receiving discipline in accordance with District Policy, Havener says in the email.

The email adds:

Any weapon at school or on school property is considered serious and cannot be tolerated.  Please continue to encourage students to notify a teacher, staff member or administrator of any potential threat or rumor of a threatening situation. 

As a school community it is important that we continue to work together to provide a safe learning environment for all of our students. Thank you for your continued support of Kirkwood High School.


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