White and Gold Infinitis Clash, Attempted Burglary While Intoxicated

A roundup of odd, unusual and head-scratching crime reports in and around the area.

2 Infinitis and Beyond - to Affton

A gold 2002 Infiniti side-swiped a white 2002 Infiniti and left the scene of the accident without exchanging information. This accident took place on the southbound Shrewsbury Avenue overpass of Interstate 44. Police located the suspect vehicle in a driveway in Affton, and an Affton man was issued a citation for leaving the scene of an accident.

4 Drunks at a Furniture Store

Police arrested four intoxicated suspects May 9 who tried to pry the lock off the loading dock door at Rothman Furniture, 7737 Watson Rd., Sappington. No property was reported stolen. 

Things Go Bump in the Night in Manchester

A man was sleeping was sleeping at his home in Manchester May 4 when he heard a loud noise and went to investigate. The back door had been forced open. The intruder was still inside and proceeded to walk calmly out the door with a clip board.  The only item missing was a spare set of keys.

Concrete Evidence of Crime in Ladue

A delayed larceny report was made Apr. 27 of a theft from a construction site in the 1500 block of South Warson Road, Ladue. A portable concrete mixer was reported stolen from the site.

Insert Your Own Moses Reference Here

Someone set fire to a bush May 3 next to a house on Autumn Glen Court, Chesterfield, causing minor damage to the siding.

Keeping it All in the Family

A man from Affton has been charged with burglary and stealing stealing his grandfather’s pickup truck from his mother’s home in St. Charles.

The man’s mother had changed locks to keep him out, but left a rear door unlocked while she slept. Police said Wilson entered the house, took the keys to a 2002 Toyota Tundra and took the truck from the garage. The man told police his grandfather had given him the keys, but the grandfather said he would not have given him the keys because his grandson is a drug addict and does not have a driver's license.

In a Scene Out of Looney Tunes . . .

A 35-year-old man was reportedly assaulted May 6 at his residence in St. Charles. According to a police report, a woman who is the mother of his child  arrived at the  residence and barged in the door. A scuffle ensued and the woman cut the father's left wrist with a glass horn. She then engaged the man's 's female guest with a frying pan, which was wrestled away and used against her. The woman left the scene and threw a car stereo at the father's vehicle, smashing the windshield. She was charged with assault with physical injury, trespassing and property damage.

She Said She Was Sorry

A woman who was urinating in full view of passing motorists May 12 at Gilsinn Lane and South Hwy. Dr., Fenton, apologized for the act, explaining she didn't want to go back inside the bar.

Brazen Burrito Burglar

A man was eating food from Walmart in Fenton May 6, including a burrito while he was in a checkout line. He left without paying for the items. A Fenton police sergeant was in uniform and was in line paying for items when the man  looked at him and continued eating the burrito. He was arrested.

For more information about this report, contact Dan Barger at Dan.Barger@patch.com


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