City Fills Potholes but Concern Remains (Map)

The City of Kirkwood filled potholes on North Clay Avenue after a report on our interactive map.

The has filled potholes on North Clay Avenue near Jewel Avenue, according to a reader who reported the problem on our . But, he is concerned that the problem will resurface.

"They did fill the potholes, but they've done this the past few years and they always come back worse than before within a few months," Will Bramlett says on SeeClickFix.

The City of Kirkwood thanked Patch for the feedback on the potholes and acknowledged that the stretch of Clay Avenue near Jewel Avenue is a concern.

"We know Clay Avenue near Jewel is a mess and the entire street needs replacing," Street Department Director Tony Bonastia said.

Kirkwood Patch received another report of potholes on Doorack Lane. Bonastia said the city inspected the area following a pothole call in February but crews were unable to locate anything more than deteriorating road surface. When Kirkwood Patch spoke with the city, Bonastia said he would get work orders in for both North Clay and Doorack.

"If we have a pothole crew out at the time, we can fix them the same day, or within a few days," he said.

The city's three-man asphalt and pothole crew also is responsible for curb repairs and numerous asphalt repairs around town, according to Bonastia.

"They are unable to repair potholes every day. But we get to them as quick as possible," he said.

Bonastia encourages residents to call his office at 314-822-5829 to report street issues.

We want readers to keep reporting neighborhood issues on our SeeClickFix map above. It's easy. Just click "Report an Issue" and we'll contact with the proper government body.

Kirkwood Patch has a call into MoDOT to get an update on reports that fall under the County's jurisdiction. 

Bill Ruppert April 23, 2012 at 09:42 PM
Sorry to learn about the pothole situation but we Kirkwoodians have downtown buildings to purchase with our limited funds, pay to tear them down, and purchase contracting services to build more downtown parking to add to Kirkwood's poorly maintained inventory of public parking lots.


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