Glendale Mayor: ‘It's a Time for Our People to Come Together’

The Glendale community was shocked with the death of two children and their mother on Monday. See photos and comments about how the community is dealing with the tragedy.

Two newspaper clippings hang inside Glendale City Hall. The headline of the clipping on the first floor reads, “Glendale known as safe, tightly knit community.” Downstairs, another newspaper calls Glendale, “The safest place to live in St. Louis County.”

According to Glendale Police Chief Jeffrey Beaton, have not changed his perspective that Glendale is a great place to live.

“This type of incident is clearly uncharacteristic of this community,” Beaton said in an interview with Patch. “Glendale is a very safe and secure community. We enjoy a very low crime rate; we personally feel this is an isolated incident, confined within the home.”

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“This type of incident is very unusual for the city of Glendale and it has traumatically affected the entire community,” Beaton said. “This is a great community to live in, and I really would hate for our own residents to feel scared to walk on their own neighborhood.”

Chief Beaton said city and police staff had been increased to accommodate the myriad of police investigators, press and others who are eager to find out what happened at the house on 740 Hawbrook Road.

“It definitely affects our personnel, but we can still adequately provide to the community our normal policing duties,” Beaton said.

Glendale Mayor Richard Magee said he first heard about the incident Monday, when the city administrator called him with the news.

“It’s a shock - a tragedy that we as a community are going to have to deal with,” he said.

Magee said that in spite of local and national attention to this incident, he did not believe it would cast a negative light on the city.

“This was an isolated incident about a family that was going through a lot of turmoil,” Magee said. “I don’t think it affects people’s perception of Glendale as a great place to live. Today is a time for our people to come together.”

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Patricia Fehrenbacher August 01, 2012 at 09:04 PM
It would be ridiculous to assume any connection between Glendale and what happened to Murch family. Glendale is a wonderful, tight-knit community just as the Murch family were kind and caring people who loved their community. Mrs. Murch must have been suffering more than we will ever understand to have taken her life and the lives of her precious children. Glendale needs to support Mr. Murch in his time of need, not by being silent, but letting him know you care. His suffering is just beginning and it will be a long, painful road and he needs his friends, neighbors and parish family to reach out to him. None of us will understand what happened but we do have the ability to be there for the Murch family, not only in thought and prayer but by being strong enough to reach out to them -perhaps a call, card, a wave or a thoughtful nod. Please do not be silent -be vocal. Survivors such as the Murch family need you now more than ever. Patti Fehrenbacher, Kirkwood, MO


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