Hockey Players to be Recognized for Life-saving Action

Three hockey players jumped into action during a game at the Kirkwood Ice Rink to help save the life of a fellow player who went into cardiac arrest.

The will recognize a group of hockey players whose prompt and decisive action saved the life of a fellow player during a game at the .

The Jaguars and the Renegades, of the Hockey North America League, were playing at the rink Nov. 14 when the Renegade's goaltender, Stephen Spiros, collapsed at 10:14 p.m., according to a statement from the .

Ice rink manager Mike Krafft quickly called 911. Brian Robinson, of the  Jaguars, performed CPR on the victim while Craig Merrifield, of the Renegades, retrieved a public access AED machine (automatic external defibrillator). Don Guenther, of the Jaguars and who was trained in using an AED, applied the device. Following audio instructions from the machine, Guenther delivered two shocks to restart the victim's heart. Robinson continued CPR between shocks and until paramedics arrived, the city says.

A rescue ambulance, with firefighter/paramedics Tim House and Eric Coleman, assisted by an aerial ladder truck and team of three, arrived at the scene to find the victim still unconscious but breathing.

They administered Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) treatment and Jaguar teemmates helped them remove the goalie's equipment.

The victim was then transported to a local medical facility, where he regained consciousness and was treated and released several days later. He has made a full recovery, the city says.

The Kirkwood City Council will honor Merrifield, Robinson and Guenther at their regular meeting Thursday, at 7 p.m., in council chambers.

A major contributor to the positive outcome in this cardiac arrest is that all aspects of the Chain of Survival were in place and reminds residents that the Kirkwood Fire Department provides CPR and AED training to residents for free.


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