Kirkwood Planning and Zoning Simplifies Zoning Code

The Kirkwood Planning and Zoning commission met on Wednesday night with residents to explain the changes coming to the zoning code.

The first planning and zoning code for the city of Kirkwood was adopted in 1967. One of the entries in the code explains the steps necessary if a person wants to open a typewriter repair shop.

“If someone comes in to Planning and Zoning and says he wants to open a computer-repair shop, we would have to go by that code,” said Jeremy Knapp, zoning administrator, during a Planning and Zoning meeting with residents where he informed them of the changes coming to the zoning code. “We need to have something more simple, more modern.”

Knapp showed a PowerPoint presentation that highlighted the main issues with the current zoning code. Knapp said the current code was hard to follow, lacked consistency and had several entries that were outdated.

The revision of the zoning code will clarify several inconsistencies and it will have new categories such as an entry for solar and wind power. It will also have more drawings and illustrations of different zoning rules.

Knapp said he wanted to get input from the community and get the word out that this was taking place. He said the revised code should go up for approval before the city council sometime during the fall.

Resident Jim Wilder, retired deputy building commissioner for Kirkwood, said he was glad the issue was being addressed.

“This needed to be done 15 years ago,” Wilder said.

One resident who spoke before the planning and zoning commission said she hoped the future code would address the issue of communication between the commission and the people. Betsy Kramer brought up the gas station issue and asked the commission to have a “better interaction between you and the people you represent.”

“We don’t want to be ignored,” Kramer said. “I am just telling you this for the future, because we have already been screwed.”

For an outline of the presentation and more information about the project, visit: http://www.kirkwoodmo.org/content/City-Departments/2386/zoning-code-comprehensive-review.aspx

Ron G. March 09, 2012 at 11:16 AM
On the Mobil issue, Planning and Zoning only listened to the Wallis company's proposal. They failed to ask or allow any public comment or interaction from the residents living in the area. I hope they make changes to allow public comment whenever there is a business proposal being considered in Kirkwood in any future proposals.


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