LETTER: Rick Stream Understands Needs of Those With Developmental Disabilities

A Letter to the Editor from Life Skills Chief Executive Officer Wendy Sullivan supporting Rep. Rick Stream (R-Kirkwood).

Dear Editor,

In this election year, it is critical that we support legislators who have consistently championed all of our citizens.  Representative Rick Stream has given his attention to crafting and supporting legislation that assists those with developmental disabilities.  This is the mark of a caring legislator who understands that his jurisdiction is to help all within his district.

Rick’s son, Eric, has Downs Syndrome. Eric graduated from Kirkwood High School and is gainfully employed, earning a paycheck and contributing to our community.  With support and training, it is possible for all people with developmental disabilities to find jobs, live as responsible citizens, pay taxes and contribute to the community.

Representative Stream understands the importance of funding that benefits a mass of constituents.  1.5 percent of our population has a developmental disability and will need some support throughout their lifetime, including employment services, training programs and community living programs.  Our policymakers play a vital role in the hope of our future.  We must support those who stand for all of us.

Wendy Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer

Life Skills

David Mulcahy October 18, 2012 at 12:30 PM
I'm sorry Wendy, but I would have to disagree. Yes, Mr. Stream is very much supportive of health issues that are close to his heart and often times right down the hall. For example, he sponsored and was integral in passing a bill requiring insurance companies to cover more treatment for those with eating disorders. Sadly, Mr. Stream lost a member of his immediate family to this disease some time ago. His colleague, the Senator from Glendale, joins him in this position. The Senator upon being elected was instrumental in requiring insurance companies to provide increased coverage for those with autism. Like Mr. Stream, the Senator has an immediate family member that suffers from this disease. However, neither the senator or the representative have any concern about the hundreds of thousands of Missourians who would benefit from an increase in Medicaid coverage as included in the Patient and Affordable Care Act. For a very small investment, Missouri would be the recipient of millions of dollars more from the federal government to increase Medicaid coverage in the state. These two politicians appear to be playing politics with this opportunity and are refusing to agree to increase the coverage, thereby keeping hundreds of thousands of Missourians uninsured and unable to get the medical treatment that they deserve. The policy of these politicians appears to be if it's a medical problem in their families it will be corrected but if it doesn't hit home citizens are on their own.


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