Olivette's Computers Get a Good Case of the Bug-a-Boo

Computers crashed several times this week, forcing staff to work off-line

The City of Olivette got hit by a bug, and it was not the flu. Computer screens went blank for nearly two days as a virus attacked their system. Likewise, this has been happening in other local municipalities.

Computer systems are maintained by REJIS (The Regional Justice Information System). 

“REJIS personnel have been working around the clock to deal with this issue,” said Mike McDowell, Olivette’s long-time city manager.

Though staffers, including police and fire could do some work off line, little was getting done through the computer system part of this week.

“It really effects how we do our jobs. It can be very frustrating,” said the city manager. The viruses would attach to the server, and screens went completely dark. It seems a virus would attach to the server, causing a whole new set of issues.

“We couldn’t get or send email. We couldn’t access the internet. Nothing was working while we were down,” said McDowell.

The police department had the same issues. “Our computers were down, they are back up,” said Chief Rick Knox. “Officers on the street and their on-board computers in squad cars were not effected,” said Knox.

“We are looking at procedures. We are looking for other ways to do things,” said McDowell.

If you see any Olivette administrators with long faces, now you will know why.


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