Several Street Repairs Underway in Kirkwood

Drivers beware of road-closures.

Last Tuesday, Kirkwood’s concrete street construction schedule started in  full effect. Several streets will be closed for asphalt or concrete replacement.

In addition, a section of S. Holmes Avenue, between  Quick Trip to Oak Bend Library, will be completely closed for approximately eight weeks for an Metropolitan Sewer District  sewer installation.  

According to the city of Kirkwood, these are the following street-repair work for 2012:

Concrete Street Replacement for 2012:

  • Twin Pine
  • Sunny Lane
  • Black Twig Lane
  • St. Giles Road
  • Culloden Road
  • Trossock Lane

Asphalt Street Replacement for 2012:

  • Woodleaf Court
  • Julian Place
  • E. Essex Avenue (Limits to Longview)
  • Florist Avenue
  • Cranbrook Drive
  • Hawbrook Lane (Triangle off Dickson)
  • Hawbrook Court (North cul de sac off Hawbrook Avenue)
  • Parkwoods Avenue (Adams to Hawbrook)
  • Parkwoods Avenue (North cul de sac off Hawbrook)
  • Parkwoods Avenue (cul de sac off Essex)
  • Luther Court (North and South off Hawbrook)
  • Norfolk (Dickson to Essex)
  • Longview Blvd (Woodlawn - Club)
  • Longview Blvd II (Club - Taylor)
  • Claybrook (cul de sac off Longview)
  • Fairwood Lane (cul de sac off longview)
  • Churchill Lane (cul de sac off Taylor)
  • Holmes Avenue (cul de sac off Essex)

Ann Avenue:

Ann Avenue will be closed, west of Windgrove, for about 30 days for complete culvert replacement this summer.  The entire length of Ann Avenue will be replaced once that work is completed.


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