Ladue Schools Chief Takes Immediate Leave Ahead of Retirement

Marsha Chappelow, superintendent of the Ladue School District, announced in September she would retire after this year. Now, the district announced she would take an immediate leave.

Marsha Chappelow, the superintendent of the Ladue School District, will take a leave of absence effective on Saturday and will remain on leave through the end of the school year—and the date of her retirement.

Chappelow announced in late September that this would be her last year as head of the district and that she would retire after this school year on June 30.

The district released a statement late today indicating that Chappelow's leave was accepted by the school board this week and that she "requested leave at this time for personal reasons."

Here is the full announcement from the Ladue School District:

The Ladue Board of Education has approved a request for professional leave that was submitted to the Board by Dr. Marsha Chappelow, Superintendent of Ladue Schools, this week.  The leave will begin December 1, 2012, and will continue through June 30, 2013, the effective date of her retirement from the District.  Dr. Chappelow requested leave at this time for personal reasons.

Dr. Chappelow will continue to be available to provide consultative and transition service during and after the superintendent search that began after Dr. Chappelow announced her retirement earlier this year.  She will also be available to answer any questions and provide information pertaining to the operation of the District, as needed by the Board of Education.

“I am committed to the success of the District and the welfare of our students, staff, and all others associated with the Ladue Schools,” Dr. Chappelow said, “and that will not change.”

Board President Jayne Langsam stated, “The Board is moving forward and has selected a search firm to assist us in our superintendent selection process and we, with Dr. Chappelow’s leadership, have made steady progress on our Board goals for this year.  We want to assure our school community that the District will continue to provide the highest level of education, planning, and service during this transition period.”


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PaulRevere December 03, 2012 at 08:33 PM
The "FRUITS" of Public Education! Now you all see who is getting the "Free Fruit Baskets". 1950's styled union contracts? With 21st century Computers, Solar, internet libraries etc. they are Stuck on "Stupid" (sector UNION contracts) and wasteful age 57 retirements, and defined benefit plans and exemptions from social security taxes that 100% of Americans must Pay. Ladue's childless residents, empty-nesters, and those using non-public schools or Faith based Education would far outnumber any advocates of current Public school operations (CONTRACTS NEED TO BE CHANGED) NOW! Needed! Replace ALL the Board (No union or family ties to Education) Needed! Resident Education campaign (Directed to non-public school users) Needed! New contracts offered to union & non-union teachers. (1 year in advance signing) VOTER approvals of New Tax rates (Lowered to match the bonanza receipts of non-Real estate funding of Education) (That's tobacco settlements, casinos, lotto) Almost all these revenues are used to line the Pensions and extravagant wages of our currently outdated Educator contracts. Marsh C--should be ashamed of using the hard earned taxpayer dollars to her retirement maneuver. This system "sucks" and I repeat my cause: NO EMPLOYEE IN AMERICA SHOULD BASE THEIR PAY ON THE PEOPLE's VALUE OF PROPERTY. (That is a Wealth Tax) Yet, That is exactly how our Public Schools have been budgeting for Decades. It's wrong. It's unfair. It's "STEALING our Freedom"
PaulRevere December 03, 2012 at 08:52 PM
Fuller Explanations of my cause! While Residents are mandated constitutionally to have Public Education, Voters have 100% power to make the tax rate whatever they can afford. That is the ultimate power. Years ago, our schools operated only on Property values. That is totally different today. Everything that moves is now Taxed for school funding. It will not end. Every Product we buy has an "education cost factor". Our School boards/officials have figured that out, so they raise Business Property Tax rates and values to $'s that approach almost Double the homeowner fundings. New Federal Grants and state fundings, Billion dollar Tobacco settlements are all "GRAVY TRAIN" additional monies simply passed on for higher and higher PAY's/Benefits ,rather than Tax reductions to the People. I am 100% for a Public school system at an affordable Cost level. That means "competitive" wages and "competitive" employees. Reduction in Superintendents. The people need to get our State controlled Education Board to open up our employment oppotunities for ALL to have equal opportunity employment in our Public schools at the lowest cost possible. Currently, there is no such thing as "FREE PUBLIC SCHOOLS".
TOM CORI December 03, 2012 at 09:59 PM
Where are all the usual defenders of the Ladue School Board, administration and teachers? Come on people, let's hear from you. Tax increase got your tongue?
CreveCoeurDad December 03, 2012 at 11:14 PM
It is very difficult to reply to a vacuum. For all we know, there are very good reasons for what happened or there may be very bad ones. In the absence of more information, we simply don't know. The one thing we should all be asking for is more information, not grinding our personal axes or cheerleading the status quo. Complaining about lack of transparency - that's valid. Anything else is just wasted effort.
PaulRevere December 12, 2012 at 10:17 PM
An informed community is the greatest "defense" against "secrecy". A secret vote is the greatest "offense" against "the defensive". Once all residents understand that Private unions are very much needed in our competitive society (and I fight for them), they (residents) could conclude why "Public Sector unions" are NOT NEEDED. The post office is a perfect example. Very few Americans need them BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALTERNATIVES. Rebellion would happen if the Locals were taxed to support the Post offices enormous Pays/benefits. "secrecy" is an arrogance practiced by those who are not serving the public interest. When will school boards start conserving our Tax dollars? Frankly, ALL public school residents should be tired of these automatic raise contracts that ignore the Plight of many people in this country. Every dollar taken for more pensions takes it away from "charity" (our children in need!). It's that simple. Isn't that for the children.? Marsha C will get aprx $200K annual pension with built in COLA. That is over $2.5mil(quickCalc) annuity cost to buy that pension amount. How many have 2.5m 401k? Missouri is heading towards it's own fiscal cliff if the future educators upcoming retirements are not addressed. Ladue's situation is a statewide problem. This "secrecy"(retirement maneuvers) is common. Taxing more cost to our businesses is now common. I laugh when residents are told no increase in rates as the commercial rates go up and up. Guess who ultimately pays?


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