Nail-Biter Race Ushers in New Kirkwood School Board Members

Voters elected E.J. Miller, Heidi Meckes and Scott Stream to serve on the Kirkwood Board of Education.

The Kirkwood School District Board of Education has gained two new members, and , following Tuesday's elections. Among the four contenders vying for three open seats on the board, Meckes gained the most favor with voters by capturing 29.26 percent of the votes.

Voters elected incumbent and current board president to serve a third three-year term on the board, while just barely fell short of capturing the needed votes to make it past Miller for a spot on the board.

Miller secured 2,895 votes compared to Hazan's 2,844 votes.

"It was certainly a nail biter," said Miller, who works as a corporate and business lawyer. "I was pleased and heartened by the results, and I'm excited to jump in and get to work. I thank the voters of Kirkwood for electing me."

Meckes, a certified public accountant, said she was surprised that she captured the most votes of any candidate.

"I'm very appreciative and very thankful," she said. "I'm looking forward to (joining the board). I love this district, and I love the kids in this district. I'm just excited. ... Now it's time for the real work."

Stream gained 25.01 percent of the votes.

"I was very pleased that the voters of district showed confidence in me by electing me to another term, and look forward to serving the community and the district," said Stream, who runs his own insurance agency.

In his past six years serving on the Kirkwood School Board, Stream said he has learned how much time and energy the position of board member requires. "There are a number of issues that lead to the effective management of a school district, and we've gone through a lot of them in the last six years."

Hazan focused his campaign on the issue of fiscal responsibility.

"I am pleased we were able to have a dialogue resulting in the winners embracing my platform of fiscal responsibility," said Hazan, who works as a senior vice president and commercial lender at Bank of America and serves as Treasurer of the Kirkwood Public Library Board of Trustees. "Now it is time for actions to reflect this new found promise. We are counting on you."

The board will hold a re-organizing meeting before its next regular meeting April 18, when members will name a president, vice-president and secretary.


Totals Pct. Scott Stream
E.J. Miller 2,895
Heidi Meckes
Steve Hazan
Write-in 49


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