Superintendent Responds to Show of Solidarity for McGrath

Kirkwood School District Superintendent Tom Williams gave the following statement when asked to respond to concerns raised by students and parents during Monday night's meeting of the Kirkwood School Board.

Kirkwood Patch asked to speak with Superintendent Tom Williams about concerns raised by students and parents regarding , during Monday night's meeting of the Kirkwood School Board.

Williams provided the following statement in response to the request:

The Kirkwood School District Administration and the Board of Education were proud of our senior students for advocating for their grade-level principal in an organized and respectful manner at Monday night's board meeting. District administrators will respond in writing to questions presented by students and parents. The superintendent also encourages any parent or student to contact his office if additional dialogue is needed.

Privacy laws prohibit employers from providing details on any specific personnel matter. The District has policies and procedures in place to ensure a thorough review process is followed in every personnel situation. There are specific policies related to administrators. For example, non-renewed administrators who have earned tenure as a teacher are offered a teaching position. Specific guidelines are followed for all certificated tenured and non-tenured employees.

MH April 06, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Oh come on, do the right thing. This is one of the best VP you have had, beloved by all and brought so much to KHS and the current senior class. We get it, you can't discuss it (how convenient for you), reinstate her already!
Debbie Kuper April 06, 2012 at 04:32 PM
If you have a process then share the process with us. The "process" would not share any personal information. I find it interesting that a response from the Superintendent is in third person. Is he unwilling to write his own response?


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