Teacher Home Visits Ease Transition to Kindergarten

Robinson kindergarten teachers visit every every student before the start of school to build connections and reduce nerves.

Kindergarten teachers at have spent the past month visiting students who will enter their classrooms in August.

Armed only with Candy Land and a bag of animal crackers, the teachers build connections with students before the start of school to ease with the transition to kindergarten.

The visits started last year and have met with success.

"It is by far the best thing we have done to make connections with kids before school starts," Robinson Elementary School Principal Jennifer Sisul said.

The visits are not meant to screen or intimidate students, or serve as an orientation, according to Sisul.

"The purpose is to meet a nervous little kid, on his or her own turf," Sisul said.

Parents and students shared positive feedback about last summer's visits.

"Kids really had a decrease in anxiety and were excited to come to see their teacher on her turf in August," Sisul said.

Robinson still does some traditional activities, but they are more for parents, she added. 


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