Best of the Blogs: Cost Dropping Out, Mind-Blowing Lanterns and More

"Patch" rounds up seven standout blog posts published by Local Voices bloggers.

I’ll admit it. I’m a blog-aholic. I find myself reading Patch blogs every day, and I always find something interesting. But this is Missouri—so I won’t just tell you, I’ll show you.

Last week, the Patch bloggers were abuzz with valuable advice, Patchy fun and intriguing questions. Here are just a few of my favorites from the week.

  • Nothing is sacred—not even Father’s Day. Scammers have no morals—and they’ll take advantage of innocent consumers every chance they get. But Better Business Bureau blogger Jerri Stroud’s got you covered for Father’s Day , in which she offers tips on safe shopping for Father’s Day gifts this year.
  • Is your vacation budget a little tight this year? Not to worry! In her , Clayton Farmers’ Market manager and Local Voices blogger Deb Henderson offers tips and advice on having summer fun close to home (and staying healthy in the process.)
  • Ready for a furry new family member? If you’ve been thinking of getting a dog, I suggest you check out the latest post from Dog trainer and Local Voices blogger Sarah Hoth. She says that there are some really important points to consider before you sign those pet adoption papers—and she’s been kind enough to spell them out for us
  • Here’s some Patchy fun. Local history has a way of making you feel more connected, doesn’t it? I was excited to find . In addition to some little-known facts about the first fire station and local traditions the firefighters still observe today, she also shared a beautiful photo of the city’s first fire chief and his bride on their wedding day.
  • Sometimes, it’s not just hormones. If you’ve got a teenager, chances are you’re all too familiar with the sullen looks, the dramatic behavior and the general attitude that seem to find  their way into the lives of most teens. But sometimes, it’s more serious than just “being a teen.” Pediatrician and Local Voices blogger Dr. Lora Collier shares important signs and symptoms that parents of teens need to watch for , plus the an overview of treatment options.
  • Dropping out costs more than you think. If you know someone who’s considering dropping out of high school, I suggest you pass along , Lindsay Toler. She recently started a new Local Voices blog that will chronicle her adventures as a . In her recent post, she shares some eye-opening statistics on high school dropouts and the long-term effects that dropping out can have on a person’s life.
  • All that and a bag of chips? Speaking of education, recent UMSL grad and Local Voices blogger Na’Quasha Smith believes that getting an education is “all that and more.” In her post this week, she wonders why some people say that degrees don’t matter these days. Last time she checked, knowledge “was, is and always will be” power. Do you agree? and let her know what you think.
  • “Wow, wow, wow.” That’s all Mason Ridge Garden Club Founder and Local Voices blogger Claire Chosid could say after she saw the “stupendous, mind-blowing, over the top” Chinese Lantern Festival at Missouri Botannical Garden. She was “positively blown away,” and she thinks you will be too. Think she’s right? Check out for more details and a beautiful photo slideshow of the festival.

Which were your favorite blog posts this week? Share your favorites in the comments section, below.

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