4 Dogs Need Foster Homes

Four senior dogs are looking for foster families before they find permanent homes.

Meet Penny, Bonnie, Clyde and Tim, four wonderful dogs looking for foster homes in the St. Louis metro area.

The former owner of these four pooches had to move in to a nursing home as he could no longer take care of himself and his four dogs. This quartet received and gave tons of love to their former owner but they are now in desperate need of a foster home.

The St. Louis Senior Dog Project took custody of them after the owner's daughter approached the organization; she lives in Ohio and needed help. Our current foster homes are completely full and these four dogs are currently being boarded. We would like for them to go as soon as possible to a home so that they continue to feel loved and they begin to get used to the recent changes in their lives. Here is a little bit about each dog (clockwise from top left in picture):

Penny is around 12 years old and is a very social, smart and beautiful girl. Tim is 9 years old, loves everyone and is outgoing. Clyde is his partner in crime and best friend in the world, he is also 9 years old and contrary to Tim he is a little bit shy but friendly. Bonnie is 9 years old and very shy, she loves to be around Penny but may benefit from some time away to get a bit more trusting of everyone.

If you would like to foster one of these sweet dogs please fill out an online fostering application here or contact Elisa at leyvaguerrero1@yahoo.com.

Thank you to the St. Louis Senior Dog Project for introducing us to Penny, Bonnie, Clyde and Tim.


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