Kirkwood Volunteer Heads to Hurricane Isaac

Renee Schaefer will be driving one of the Red Cross emergency response vehicles.

Renee Schaefer is lending a hand in the face of a natural disaster, again.

The Kirkwood resident is one of four Red Cross volunteers from the St. Louis Area Chapter who will be driving an emergency response vehicle that can be used to distribute meals to those affected during a disaster, according to a statement from the Red Cross. The volunteers were headed to Port Allen, Louisiana, Tuesday.

This is not the first time Schaefer has pitched in during a natural disaster. Schaefer and her brother, Brad Schaefer, created a Facebook event that led to an outpouring of donations which filled a 28-foot box truck that the two drove with friends to Joplin after a 2011 tornado devastated the city.

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Counting Schaefer and the three other volunteers, the total number of Red Cross volunteers from the St. Louis area assisting with Hurricane Isaac relief efforts stands at 19. They join 2,400 Red Cross trained disaster workers who have been deployed across the Gulf Coast states of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas, according to the Red Cross.



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