Volunteering Is Good for the Soul

I am passing along a message, a plea, if you will. This volunteer opportunity is one that will do great things for your heart and soul.

Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer for a worthy cause?  Something where you can really make a difference in somebody’s life? St. Louis County’s CORP (County Older Resident Program) needs help with its Neighbor Driving Neighbor program. This program matches volunteers with older adults living nearby and needing rides for medical appointments.

There are several reasons why older adults might need help. Some older adults never learned to drive, while others are no longer able to do so. Some may be unable to access public or senior transportation, or a cab may be out of reach financially. Often, their family members don’t live in town, or they work full-time or have serious health issues themselves. But you can help.

Volunteers use their own cars for rides that are scheduled at least five days in advance and are free of charge to the senior. The program offers volunteers flexibility for designating preferred days, hours and geographic locations. Orientation, defensive driving training and mileage reimbursement are available along with other educational and social activities. To learn more, call 314-615-4516 or send an email to: TLabovitz@stlouisco.com.

So what do you think?  Need a little pick-me-up? Need to know you're making a difference, but not sure where you should begin? Give CORP a call.


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